Tuesday, July 9, 2013

First Day

When I got to work in the morning, this is the first thing I saw. I was sure that another staff should have been opening, so I thought there was no way this was the right building, despite the playground to the side.

I walked down to the health centre to double check, and they assured me I'd been at the right place. When I got back up the hill to the centre, one of the casual staff was there at the door. She introduced herself and I myself, and we were quick to learn that we had no keys. Thankfully, she had a cell phone and called a member of the Daycare Society to come and unlock the door for us.

Naturally, the first thing I checked out was my new office:

It isn't much, but it's still my very first office, so I think it's awesome. 

And now for the rest of the tour... 

The kitchen

The infant area

The colours in English and Inuinnaqtun 

The toddler and preschool area

A lovely mural :)

The kindergarten area

I'm so excited to transform this beautiful and open space into a quality learning environment. They have a pretty good start, but there's much to do with this newly renovated building.

As a first day, it was fairly uneventful. There are only three children attending the centre during the day, so there hasn't been much of a program created for them. I spent most of the day getting to know the children who were there and organizing the drawers and filing cabinets in my office. The most exciting part of the day was that a mother came in to register her son!

Today is Nunavut day, so the whole town is closed for some community celebrations, and I'm really excited to really be immersed in the Inuit culture and to make some new friends!

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  1. AND the award for sketchiest door in Canada goes toooooo......... LOL

    The office looks awesome! You're so official. You're a person of IMPORTANCE now.. Out in the real world! I can't wait to see a picture of your organization skills at their best. -M