Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Nunavut Day

With the baby we didn't have a whole lot of time to spend in celebration, but this is a glimpse of the party and culture up here. 

My sister and I looked snazzy with our bug jackets on:

The first contest was a fish filleting contest. Two winners were selected: the fastest and the nicest. There were ten competitors. Of course, the goriest of the  competitions was the only one I thought to take pictures of!

There were also contests for cake decorating, tea boiling and duck plucking, along with some Inuit games. 

The mosquitos weren't too much to handle, so surprisingly it was my hungry little nephew that signalled that it was time to head back home. 

This is my home: 


  1. You two look like sisters :) Can't wait to wear my bug jacket haha

  2. I think that the Brown sisters are probably the only people in the world who can make a bug suit look fly ;) ...... (get it, fly, cause it's a bug suit, but you also look good.... haha)

    I'm really tired, don't judge me. Did you gut a fish???? You should learn. It's clearly an area of expertise up there. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS SKILL, AL.

    I like the house! It is not what I was expecting, but I also don't really know what I was expecting. I guess houses HAVE to be different up there... I think a part of me is just disappointed that there aren't really people living in igloos up there, as I so colourfully imagined as a child.

    Happy belated Nunavut day to my new Nunavutian!!! (Is that what you are called up there? Or Kugluktukian?) LOVE forever and ever and everrrr -M