Friday, July 12, 2013

Interior makeover

After a rough week of being consistently under staffed, the board decided today to close the daycare effective immediately until school starts up again in August. 
This gives me the chance to give the centre an interior makeover, get a new program together, hire new staff, plan and host a staff orientation, and have an open house for parents to come in and see the new design and program. The Board is also hoping to send me to Cambridge Bay to get some training on all of the policies and procedures for running a daycare in Nunavut and how to write funding proposals, as well as shadowing the manager at the centre there, as it is full to capacity. 

If you are one of my professors, you should expect at least a handful of emails from me asking for advice and resources! Please feel free to offer any if you think you have something that may be helpful!

I have to say, I'm really excited about the rest of the summer. It will be a really great experience for me and the perfect opportunity for me to apply everything I learned over the past 4 years at school and through working at various centres. 

This first thing I did when they told me I could make whatever changes I wanted: get rid of all worksheets and cookie-cutter craft patterns. I filled an entire industrial size trash bag and I am covered in paper cuts! 


  1. the plans sound great. you will make it into the place to be in the big K!


    I think that this is actually a lot better, because you have so much more time to focus on making positive changes and absorbing more of the culture to benefit the centre. I'm no professor, but if you want to bounce some ideas off me, go for it. Not that I may be of any help since you are the child development version of Einstein reincarnated, but hey, smart people have creative slumps too! :P

    Totally kidding, you know what you're doing and I'm so proud of you!! Write more for me please cause I'm bored now! LOVE forever!!! -M