Friday, June 28, 2013

As promised

I finally got a picture of all my luggage. 

It is a lot, but if you think about the fact that it has all of my clothes (excluding summery-type things), a computer, enough health and beauty products for 3-6 months, and a few art related items, it really isn't all that bad. Let's not forget that I am moving, and this is by FAR the least amount of stuff I have ever taken on a move (and I have moved 14 other times...).

So far the trip has been ok. Leaving Toronto was terribly hard and emotional. For some reason the back of our van was full of ants, leading to all of my bags being covered in ants, resulting in Mandy and I being covered in ants! It was so wonderful to have some very special people come to the airport to see me off (and help me carry my 200 lbs of luggage), but it made going through security a lot more difficult. Of course, goodbyes started at home, where I had to give my two awesome cousins some goodnight hugs before they went off to bed, and where I left my aunt in the driveway. I have so much gratitude for them taking me in when I needed somewhere to stay and for all their generosity over the past 7 months, I can't even begin to express it (it was SO hard to leave and I will be eagerly waiting to see you for Christmas!).

I took some pictures along the way, but they are on my camera and not my phone, so you'll see those later. For now, here are some other things for you to look at:

You know you're flying over the Canadian Prairies when...

I thought it was neat to be sandwiched in between two types of clouds.
This is my room at the B&B in Yellowknife. The room is nice, but I think I would have preferred a hotel instead. It was loud here, as the owners also run a canoeing and kayaking program (it's right across from Yellowknife Bay, part of Great Slave Lake). There are also a lot of mosquitos in my room.

Plus the toilet it kinda weird and ghetto.

It's HOT!

A building I thought was nice to look at.

Another cool building.

The Man lives here, I guess.

I just liked this sign.

Ok, well I will be leaving soon and arriving at my sister's house around noon (2pm for most of you).

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  1. First of all, Miss. Hoarder, (haha) I must say that I am SO impressed that you were able to pack everything you needed for a year in those few bags of luggage. Despite how heavy they were.

    OHMAN, the ants... That was so weird. At least we had some comedic relief for our very sad few hours. Did you find any on you when you got to Yellowknife? I guess it's a good thing people don't say "when ants fly".... LOL

    Also, saying goodbye was SO sad :( I was able to hold myself together until I watched Zach go inside, and then I burst out into an ocean of tears from Ajax all the way to Bowmanville. I had to call my mom to relax! The car ride back to your uncle's house was very quiet.

    The B&B was interesting though at least. A hotel would have probably been pretty generic. Not many people can say they slept in the same room as a POLAR BEAR... So that's cool. But I think the house of "the man" was the most epic part of this post. You go girl.