Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I finally got to go out on the land on a quad. It took until the first major snow fall, but I had a blast! The temperature was only about -2, warming up later in the afternoon when the sun finally came out from behind a thick blanket of clouds. To stay dry, I was suited up in my snow pants, parka, winter boots and some borrowed (and very manly) leather gloves. It was the coldest on my face speeding down the various trails in the snow left by others still eager to get out on the land before pulling out their snow machines. I even got to drive the quad...and I didn't crash! Though I did run in to a few bushes...whoops.
I was having a blast kicking around in the snow.

We could see the sun off in the distance, hoping for it to come out for us to enjoy!

Took a little break for some lunch and tea.

"S Lake" 

The sun!!! 

My turn to take a snooze in the snow

Possibly the most beautiful part of the day.

Reluctantly leaving the beautiful land behind.

We did see tracks of the following animals: hikhiks, foxes, ptarmigans, rabbits and grizzlies (though the latter was probably a day old, and could be debated, but we were almost eaten by bears as far as I'm concerned!)

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  1. First, which brave soul took a chance with you at the reins?? And, it would have been a shame to ruin your new parka by getting eating by a grizzly ;) Never drove a quad myself but did drive a skidoo...almost right into a fence hahaha