Sunday, October 27, 2013


I had an unusually eventful week.

Monday night I was babysitting my nephew so that my sister could get a bit of a break and make it to sewing class. He's the sweetest thing.

Wednesday evening there was a feast at the complex to celebrate what one couple has done for the community during their time here, before they move to Edmonton for health reasons. The children from the elementary school performed some singing and jigging, and there were many emotional speeches after a giant feast of delicious food.

Thursday was the first big bazaar I've been to here. For $10 a table, anyone can rent a table and sell crafts, carvings, sewings, baked goods, etc. I was on the prowl for some slippers to wear around the house, but I didn't see anything my size. There was a gorgeous carving that I desperately wanted, but the $250 asking price was a bit out of my budget for the evening!

Last night (Saturday) was the Halloween Social, which was tons of fun. A group of 8 of us dressed up as the 7 Tetris pieces and the game player. The costume was a hit, and we were posing for pictures all night (none of which were taken with any of my cameras).

Today the snow is falling beautifully, and it's not as cold as it has been (currently only -12 compared to -23 yesterday). Maybe I'll get out and take some pictures.

Now if only I could get rid of this cough!

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