Thursday, October 3, 2013


Now that it's fall, many of the ladies in town (and occasionally a guy or two) will get together Monday and Wednesday nights for sewing class. They provide all of the materials, teach you how to make whatever you're making, and you pay for your project when you're finished. 

I was looking around town for someone to make me some kamiks (mukluks), but then I went to sewing and found this gorgeous seal skin: 

Just the right size to make tall, stylish kamiks.
 After finding the right size pattern for me, I traced it on the back of my hide.

Then one of the instructors showed me how to use the ulu to cut out the pattern. Using scissors would damage the fur on the other side.

To making cutting easier, it's best to put your foot or knee on one side of the hide to keep it taught.

The finished tops of my kamiks:

The patterns for the toes:

All of the pieces cut:

I decided to do a silver toe instead of continuing the spotted pattern - to add a little bit of excitement and contrast.

I finished sewing the toe on one, and half of the other. Next will be to stitch the back!

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  1. Cool! Aren't you just the handiest :) Can't wait to see the finished project.