Saturday, December 14, 2013

cutest little one

I've been caught up in the excitement of Christmas shopping, Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales, and being able to see the Northern Lights as I'm walking home from work at night and again walking to work in the morning.

I spoiled myself a little bit by buying a new camera that will actually let me capture pictures of the day-long night sky, so be prepared for a lot more blog posts with images!

The Daycare closes it's doors for the holidays this Wednesday night, and I am SO looking forward to my Christmas vacation in Toronto!!  (I will be taking A LOT of pictures on this trip!)
Though I don't get back until late afternoon on Christmas day, I can't wait to see all my family (even Carlin!) and friends! In fact, you better book your time with me now because my calendar is filling up quite quickly!!

In the meantime, I am excited for Christmas activities to pick up around town and to get out and enjoy the -52 winds! One of these activities includes the Daycare's children performing in the Christmas concert this Tuesday, my nephew included! This will be his first performance ever, and he will for sure be the cutest little one there!

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