Sunday, December 22, 2013

1200 beads

For Black Friday weekend, our neighbour had a sale at her fabric and fur store (in her garage), and I picked up some beads to try my hand at beading. I've been oogling over some of the beautiful beaded moccasins since I got here 6 months ago, and decided that after successfully making my own kamiks, it was time to make some!

This upper took about 1200 beads (individually stitched) and around 12 hours to make. One more to go before I can start cutting the pattern for the rest of the moccasin.

Last night we celebrated Winter Solstice (the darkest and shortest day of the year) by lighting up some sparklers to brighten the night's sky. 
We didn't all have it quite figured out...

This morning was a community pancake breakfast. For $2 a plate, we couldn't pass it up! 

And I thought it was about time I showed off my awesome sealskin and beaver mitts that I got at the Christmas Bazaar in November, made by a woman named Suzie! My family and friends here are calling me a "lifer" now that I have office Nunavut mitts and plan on staying here for who knows how long! (they would say for life)


  1. I just noticed the plate your pancakes were on...was it a 'bring your own service' breakfast?

    1. It was $5/plate and $2/plate if you brought your own. They are trying to decrease the use of disposable dishes since it creates a lot of trash that just goes to the dump.

    2. That's a great idea! More places should do that.