Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Long weekend

I haven't just had a busy work week, it was also a very busy weekend. With all of the beautiful summer weather and the Civic Holiday, I had plenty of time to spend with my family, and a lot of that time was spent out on the water. 
Saturday morning we went out with some friends to do some fishing. Most of us ended up catching cod, which we battered and fried for dinner, along with homemade chips and some veggies. 

Sunday we managed to get Mom out on the water to see some nets getting pulled out. We also enjoyed a nice picnic on an island. 

Courtesy of brother

Courtesy of brother

Monday, the holiday, we were invited to boat up the river and hike to Bloody Falls. We pretended to fish for a little while, even though the fish weren't biting. The hike was gorgeous.

The water was so glassy, we had a nearly perfect reflection.

Ran in to some bear paws!


  1. So beautiful. Did you gut that fish??

  2. I didn't, the captain did :) He was doing them all on the boat and I guess cod are harder to do because they have thicker bones or something.

  3. I bet it would be way faster for him to gut all the fish than to teach you guys/hover on top of everyone making sure they gut them out properly lol

    1. he taught the brother-in-law, but I'll stick to char!