Monday, August 26, 2013

all hands on deck

It was all hands on deck today as all of my full-time staff (3 caregivers) were in for the first time to start the next step: putting everything in its place! It's finally starting to look like somewhere children would like to spend their days! Still lots of work to do, but it's certainly shaping up :)
What we really need to warm the place up is some area rugs!

The "quiet" side for the preschool/kindergarten area: 

Art table and art supplies: 

The reading/puzzle corner: (hopefully to come with some nice children's couches/chairs or bean bags)

Small loose parts (many of which would make for excellent items used for art):

The "louder" side:
Sensory tables in the back - one for wet, one for dry and one for 4 of anything!

Dramatic play area: 

Dolls, tools, (coat hooks will go on the walls for dress-up clothes), dishes, food, etc.: 

Larger loose part: 

The infant area: 

Don't worry..the bookshelf won't be staying there up and out of reach!

 I know it still needs some work in order to have all the caves, watering holes and camp fires that we should have, but it has been quite difficult when there is such a limited amount of resources here (and the fact that we are using only shelves as walls to separate the infants from the older children). Hopefully we'll get everything on our wish list through funding. What we could really use is a loft for the older children to give them a private area underneath, and a nice separate area up top to escape from everything.

I'm completely open to your ideas for anything... set up, fundraising, what have you.


  1. Look great! Have you painted the nursery yet?

    1. nope! It still needs to be emptied all the way, walls cleaned, mudded, sanded, primed and painted! And the same with the office!