Sunday, April 20, 2014

crystallized underside

I've been terrible at keeping everyone up-to-date on my life in the North and my experience as a Daycare Manager. I mostly have J.K. Rowling to blame for that over the past few months, as Harry Potter was stealing all my time.

Anyway, a while ago I went for my first walk on the frozen ocean with my family, and here are some pictures I snapped while we were out there. It was the first day that it really started to feel like spring (-15, mild wind).

Clear enough to see the inside wall of the cracks. Super thick ice! 

I just couldn't get over how breathtakingly beautiful the snow looked glistening in the sun.

We came across some ice that had formed over an air pocket. After smashing it to pieces, we flipped the ice over to discover a crystallized underside.

The geometry and natural beauty of the earth is spectacular (you've got to click this to see the full version!)

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