Friday, September 20, 2013

First few weeks

I've been abandoning the blog the past couple of weeks, not because there is nothing to report, but rather because there is so much and I wouldn't know where to start.

The first week open was probably what you would expect for the first week of a first-time manager and staff with minimal training and preparation pressured in to opening before they were completely prepared. Programming was minimal, the daily schedule was nothing but a draft, and we were still in the midst of installing gates to keep the children from getting in to the kitchen and running out the building.

I quickly realized that staffing was a major issue, which I won't get in to, just that it's difficult to work under a Board that doesn't really have any understanding about how group size influences the quality of the environment and that ratios are legislated for a reason. I've also had almost an entire staff turn-over, replacing 2 of my full-time staff within the last two weeks.

I've been busy this week writing proposals to the Board identifying how I believe our donations and fundraising should be put to use, as well as writing a proposal to the association that pays our wages to amend our contract to add more full-time positions.

Things are getting better, slowly, as we get used to the routines and the children are more familiar with the environment and each other. Before taking these last two days as sick days, I managed to get some programming done just for this week, but it was something.

For now I'm going to spend all my energy getting rid of this illness and hopefully be back to 100% to try again next week. Also to watch all of season 9 of Grey's to prepare for the two-hour Season 10 premier next Thursday!

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